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Survey: Firms Have Problems with Data Breach Detection

The vast majority of company data breaches were discovered only after an outside entity alerted these firms in 2014, indicating firms have issues with breach detection, SC Magazine reported.

LinkedIn Password Data Breach Settlement Reaches $1.25 Million

LinkedIn will pay $1.25 million as part of a settlement for a data breach that exposed customer credentials in 2012, ZDNet reported.

Identity Theft, Tax Fraud Heating Up in Southern Florida

The southern part of Florida has been the center for tax fraud activity, leaving residents in the state anxious during tax season, the Miami Herald reported.

IRS Paid $5.8 Billion in Fraudulent Refunds Filed by Identity Thieves

The IRS paid $5.8 billion in fraudulent refunds due to identity theft in 2013, up from $3.6 billion in 2013, according to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Massive Anthem Data Breach Could Cost Billions

The major data breach at Anthem that affected millions of consumers could cost billions of dollars, St. Louis Business Journal reported.

Cybercriminals Targeting Hardware Could Increase Cybersecurity Concerns

While the number of data breaches caused by malicious software grows as criminal cyberactivity increases, compromised hardware is a new threat could worsen security concerns, according to Popular Science.

IRS, Identity Theft Victims Respond to Increase in Tax Fraud

As the IRS copes with the increase in tax-related identity theft cases this tax season, some victims of tax fraud are still waiting for their cases to be resolved, Fox affiliate KTVI in Missouri reported.

Cybercriminals Could Increasingly Target Medical Records

While cybercriminals last year targeted retailers to steal customers' financial data, hackers could shift their focus to health care providers' medical records, The Associated Press reported.

Study: Insurance Firms in New York Vulnerable to Malware, Data Breaches

As the second biggest health insurance firm Anthem deals with a massive data breach, a poll conducted by a New York regulator found insurers in the area experience a high level of malware activity, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Anthem Cyberintrusion Could Lead to More Data Breaches, Identity Theft

The data breach at insurer Anthem could put consumers at risk for identity theft and companies in danger of more intrusions, The New York Times reported.
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