Everything You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Breach

CyberScout Newsletter | June 2012

Privacy Is Our Passion™

In this issue, get smart about password protection with our tips and analysis of the breaches at LinkedIn and eHarmony. Before you take off on summer break, learn how to safeguard your identity while on vacation. Discover how newlyweds can manage a smooth and successful name change. And go inside a real-life Craigslist scam to learn how to spot a fraudster's tricks.  


LinkedIn Breach: How to Make Your Passwords Stronger   

Unsalted hashes. Salted hashes. It may sound like brunch, but understanding these terms will help you fortify your online accounts. Our experts break down the tech talk behind the LinkedIn breach.

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School's Out: Keep Your Child's Identity Locked Down

Schools are big record-keepers when it comes to our children's personal information. As classrooms clear for summer break, make sure your child's identity is protected.

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10 Tips to Protect Your Identity While You're On Vacation 

Going on vacation? Identity thieves may be hard at work while you're away. Follow our expert tips to safeguard your identity before, during and after taking time off.

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How to Change Your Name
After the Wedding

The red tape behind a name change can be overwhelming. Follow our guide to guard against identity theft, credit woes and trouble with Uncle Sam.    

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